18 hours ago

Senate passes bill that would give coal-fired power plant a sales tax break

Supporters say the measure would help retain jobs, but critics say it's a corporate tax giveaway.


19 hours ago

House passes regulation of vapor products in Washington

The bill would also create a set of standards and rules that retailers and distributors must follow, among other regulations like requiring school districts to ban use of vapor products on school buses.


20 hours ago

Everett police lieutenant fired for connection with drunk driving

The lieutanant who had worked with the department for 25 years was deemed unfit for duty.


20 hours ago

Senate rejects constitutional amendment on tax increases

Two-thirds vote is required to send the ballot for a public vote.


21 hours ago

17-year-old gets 17 years in prison for shooting

The teenager shot the victim because he was wearing shorts from a rival gang.


21 hours ago

Growing industrial hemp passes the Senate, but only for research program

Hemp growers would be able to make several items, such as bio-fuel.

Western Washington University
photo by kimball gainor

21 hours ago

Man with handgun spotted on WWU campus

The spokesman says the gun was loaded, but there wasn't a bullet in the chamber. The 30-year-old Shelton man cooperated with police.


1 day ago

State attorney connected to prison error resigns

Ronda Larson told corrections officials they didn't need to recalculate prisoners' sentences even though a software error was allowing convicts to be released too soon.

court mallot

1 day ago

A big settlement for two victims of sexual abuse in the foster care system

A local jury ordered the State Department of Social and Health Services to pay the girls eight million dollars after they were sexually abused for years by two brothers in their foster home.

court mallot 2

2 days ago

Whatcom County public defender says video conferencing in court is unfair

Hall wrote about this for the Whatcom County bar association and hopes it can generate thoughtful discussion on the topic.

police, jail, arrest, cops, sheriff

2 days ago

Operator of ‘sober’ housing arrested on gun, drug charges

Investigators said they found about a pound of crystal methamphetamine.


2 days ago

Washington keeps moving toward new college savings plan

Nearly $164 million in refunds have been processed for Washington's prepaid tuition program since the state agency told people in they could ask for their money back.

police lights

2 days ago

Car slammed into moving Amtrak train

The Amtrak engineer didn't realize what happened until the train was 30 miles down the track.

birth control

2 days ago

State House passed a bill that makes contraceptive more accessible

Supporters say the law would help reduce missed doses and unintended pregnancie


2 days ago

Burlington Edison High School threatened

Burlington Police say a 17-year-old boy threatened to shoot students at Burlington Edison High School yesterday.


2 days ago

Senate passes bill to stiffer penalties for vehicular homicide

Kennewick Republican Senator Sharon Brown sponsored the bill.


2 days ago

Gravitational waves detected

Albert Einstein predicted the ripples in the fabric of space-time a century ago.

generic police suspect or criminal in handcuffs

2 days ago

Man arrested for beating elderly grandmother

Used a "stick" in attack

soccer park

2 days ago

The Northwest Soccer Park gets a renovation and a new name: Phillips 66

The Northwest Soccer Park is getting two artificial turf fields with lights and scoreboardsā€¦ and a new nameā€¦ thanks to a large donation. The Whatcom County Council voted to allow Whatcom Sports & Recreation to rename the complex after Phillips 66.

Photo provided by Whatcom County

2 days ago

Whatcom County taxpayers to spend 34 million on crumbling courthouse

Shoddy construction back in the 90s, means Whatcom County needs to spend up to 34 million dollars now to fix the County Courthouse.

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