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Your name is about to get really unpopular
Your name is about to get really unpopular

This week, the Social Security Administration released its list of the most popular baby names last year. “Noah” and “Sophia” won out. But apparently almost every popular name today WON’T be popular in 25 years.

A researcher at Virginia Tech looked at baby name trends since 1880, and created a program that predicts how popular specific names will be in the future.

“Time” magazine posted it on their website. You type in your name and it spits out results. But pretty much every “normal” name is becoming less and less popular each year.

For example, the most popular boy’s name every year from 1961 to 1998 was “Michael”. It peaked in 1969, when about 5% of boys in the U.S. were named Michael. Now it’s less than 1%. And by 2030, it’ll be down around .25%.

For girls, “Emily” was the most popular name every year from 1996 through 2007, peaking at about 1.5% in 1999. But by 2030, it’ll also be down to about 0.25%.

Meanwhile, a few names that used to be popular . . . like “William” and “Margaret” . . . are expected to become popular again. You can look up your own name at, “Time’s Baby Name Predictor“.


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