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Things you’ll be able to do with your smartphone
Things you’ll be able to do with your smartphone

Think smart phones are amazing now? Check out what’s coming next.

Meet the new keys in your pocket.  Say goodbye to regular car and household keys. Your smartphone will become the key to your home, your car, your job, etc.

Connect from the middle of nowhere. In the future, your smartphone will access the network from anywhere — including the middle of nowhere.

Charge anywhere. Connecting in the middle of nowhere isn’t much use if you can’t find an outlet to recharge your battery. Wireless recharging just has to be a big part of the smartphone’s future, and it will be, thanks to technology being developed by Duracell, Q1, and others. We just need it to be a universal solution.

Know its owner’s voice. Mini-keyboards, even touchscreens, are on the way out… and eye movement, gestures, brain waves (truly), or, most obviously, vocal commands are in. And it will be better than Siri.

A universal remote control for your appliances. Thermostats are just the beginning. Expect your phone to give you remote control over everything from home and office security to thermostats, lights, your TiVo device, and even watering the plants.

Flexible Screens. Imaging folding and unfolding your phone.  They say you will, thanks to Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology. This paper-thin screen can even project future-features-smart-phones/ from both sides of the screen, so you can show pictures or videos to your friend on one side while using the other as a control.

In-Built Projector. That’s right… instead of looking at your screen, you’ll just look at the wall where your picture is projected.

Augmented Reality (AR). AR combines what you’re looking at with computer data. Wondering what mountain that is?  Or what’s in that building?  Point your phone’s camera at it and it shows an information overlay describing it… and giving you links to more information.

Holograms.  Forget hi-res screens. The next path could be holographic projections. Kinda like Princess Leia asking Obi Wan for help in Star Wars.

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