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Things you think are filthy that aren’t
Things you think are filthy that aren’t

Here’s some good news.  There’s a bunch of stuff you’ve always considered to be cesspools of filth that actually don’t have very many germs at all.  Here are six things that made the list.

1.  Coins.  Coins are made of metal.  But copper, nickel, and silver don’t support germ life . . .  they poison it.  Germs actually die if they try to live on coins.  It’s true for jewelry too.

2.  Toilets.  Get this:  Scientists say there’s 200 times more fecal matter on cutting boards than on toilets.  Apparently that’s because people are more likely to clean their toilet.  Eww.

3.  Your dog’s slobber.  Humans are way dirtier than dogs.  And dog slobber has antibacterial stuff in it.

4.  Doorknobs.  People are so freaked out about picking up germs from doorknobs in public restrooms, they don’t touch them that much.  The knobs on the way IN are way worse than the ones on the way out.

5.  Trashcans.  Basically, if you line your trashcan with plastic and keep it dry, it’s not all that dirty.  Germs need moisture to survive.

6.  Actual DIRT.  Unless there’s a bunch of POOP in it, the dirt in your backyard is perfectly safe.

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