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Things you should ALWAYS haggle for.
Things you should ALWAYS haggle for.

The listed price isn’t always the price you have to pay.  The financial experts at Business Insider have put together a list of the best things to haggle for…

1. Satellite and cable TV service. Ask for the current promotion.

2. Real estate commissions.

3. Healthcare. Sometimes they’ll cut you a deal if you pay cash.

4. Jewelry. The retail markup on jewelry is huge…

5. College tuition. If you send more than one child to the same school, you can sometimes get a volume discount.

6. Furniture.

7. Musical instruments. Local businesses are more likely to work with you.

8. Gym memberships. There’s a lot of competition, So you can often get them to do a special deal.

9. Cruise tickets. Wait until the last minute and score big on whatever still isn’t booked.

10. Credit card rates. Especially if you have good credit.

11. Mattresses. Except for Tempur-Pedic, most brands have huge retail markups.

12. Tires.

13. Rent. Especially if you’re renewing a lease and you start negotiating a few months in advance, you can get a much better deal than just waiting for that letter in the mail.

14. Back taxes. You can make a settlement deal under the right circumstances. Basically, you have to make the IRS believe they’ll never get the full amount back. So it’s only for people who are already a few years delinquent.

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