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The top 30 things that make parents feel uncool
The top 30 things that make parents feel uncool

Admit it, Mom.  When you’re around your kids, it’s hard to feel cool.  You’re not alone.

A new survey of 2,000 parents who have children aged between 13 and 25, found that having no idea what song is at number one in the charts is most likely to leave them feeling uncool, followed by failing to work an iPhone without asking for help.

Here are the top 30 things parents say make them feel uncool:

1. Not knowing what is number 1 in the charts

2. Not being able to work an iPhone

3. Not knowing the words to current songs

4. Their dress sense

5. Owning a sensible car

6. Not seeing the attraction in computer games

7. Now knowing what ‘twerking’ is

8. Not knowing what Spotify is

9. Not letting the children stay out late

10. Making the children wear the correct school uniform

11. Singing and dancing around the house

12. Being a smoker

13. Their hairstyle

14. Wanting to join the children on nights out

15. Not knowing who Harry Styles is

16. Not letting the children get their ears pierced

17. Not letting the children have Facebook account

18. Not letting the children have a mobile phone

19. Not knowing how to work the TV/DVD player

20. Not understanding the need for cable TV

21. Having a Facebook account

22. Not letting children wear what they want

23. Boasting about my children on Facebook

24. Getting on well with their children’s friends

25. Not allowing the children to have a tattoo

26. Being a terrible cook

27. Having a tattoo

28. Not allowing the children to have an iPad

29. Not having a tattoo

30. Being too house proud

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