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The credit card you pay off FIRST!
The credit card you pay off FIRST!

Start eliminating your credit card bills today with these simple tips:

Pay Off More Than The Minimum Each Month

As little as $10 extra each month can reduce your payoff date almost three years!

Make Your AutoPayment BEFORE The Due Date

Credit card companies shift the dates around, hoping to stick you with a late fee and a high interest rate…PLUS if you’re late on one card, your other credit card companies can raise THEIR rates, too!

Pay Off The Highest Interest Cards FIRST

Shop around for good balance transfer rates (some have 0% for up to six months or more) to consolidate your bills and pay the ones with the highest RATES, not the highest BALANCES first.

Use The ATM

Numerous studies show when paying with cold, hard cash, consumers spend 30 percent less or more than they would if they used their credit or debit card instead!

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