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Spend less, get more…PIZZA!
Spend less, get more…PIZZA!

A delicious money tip as we head into the weekend….

You know how you’re never sure whether it’s worth it to spend a little more, and order a large pizza? Like, maybe it makes more sense to get a couple mediums, or two smalls?

Well, a new study found it’s ALWAYS smarter to buy the largest pizza that a pizza place offers. Because two small pizzas cost more than one large . . . but one large has more pizza than two smalls. Here’s another way to look at it . . .

What pizza is twice the size of an eight-inch pizza? The answer isn’t a 16-inch pizza.

It’s an 11-inch pizza. Because of how the area of a circle works, an eight-inch pizza has about 50 inches of total pizza. An 11-inch pizza has about 95 inches of total pizza.

Researchers studied 74,476 prices from 3,678 pizza places around the country, and found there basically aren’t ANY situations where it’s more cost-effective to order a bunch of smaller pizzas instead of a larger one.

Let’s look at Domino’s. Their small pizza is 10 inches in diameter, for about 79 inches of total pizza. Their extra large is 16 inches, for about 201 inches of pizza.

That means the XL gives you two-and-a-half times the pizza of the small. The small costs $6, the XL is $12 . . . when it should cost $15 based on the amount of pizza you’re getting

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