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Smelling Flatulence Helps Prevent Diabetes, Heart Attacks, and Cancer?
Smelling Flatulence Helps Prevent Diabetes, Heart Attacks, and Cancer?

According to researchers at the University of Exeter in England, smelling someone’s BAD GAS – including your own – might help prevent heart damage, strokes, diabetes, dementia, AND cancer.

No, this is not a joke.

One of the chemicals in flatulence is hydrogen sulfide, and that’s what makes it smell bad. The more there is, the worse it smells. The worse it smells, the better it is for you.

Be careful with this information – In doses TOO large, it can be toxic. But in smaller amounts, it helps preserve mitochondria, which are parts of your cells that help keep them alive and functioning properly. If they fail, all sorts of things go wrong with your body. But hydrogen sulfide prevents that from happening.

The researchers are currently testing a new compound called AP39, which they say will help your body deliver just the right amount of hydrogen sulfide to your cells. But it’ll be a while before you can buy it.

So until then, just keep up the good work.

And, isn’t there someone in your life who deserves an apology – and a thank you?

(ScienceBlog / Daily Mail)


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