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Save $$ with summer DIY!
Save $$ with summer DIY!

Summer vacation can be expensive, especially when you have kids. But why pay good money on things you can do yourself! We have three DIY things for summer…

1. Make homemade ice cream with two coffee cans. You don’t need a big expensive contraption to make your own ice cream at home. Just mix whole milk, whipping cream, and sugar in a one-pound coffee can, seal it, and put it inside a three-pound can.

Pack ice and rock salt around the small can, then seal the big can and roll it around the floor until it freezes. We used to do this at camp all the time, it’s fun.

2. Make your own Slip ‘N Slide using plastic tarps. A store-bought Slip ‘N Slide is just a cheap skinny tarp anyway. Get your own tarps, turn on the hose and you’re good to go.  Wanna make it faster, dump on baby oil!

3. Make your own flexible cold packs for injuries. You can put water and rubbing alcohol in a Ziploc bag for about a dollar.

The ratio is two cups water to one cup alcohol. Pour the water and alcohol in a one-quart Ziploc bag and leave it in the freezer. Even at temperatures below freezing, it won’t turn to ice. So you can wrap it around any body part and it stays flexible.

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