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Reuse your dryer lint?  Yes!
Reuse your dryer lint? Yes!

There’s a valuable household resource that we’re guessing you waste every single week. Your dryer lint is actually reuable!  Here are five ways to reuse it:

1.  To start a fire.  Dryer lint is highly flammable.  Since you likely don’t get a newspaper every day, use your dryer lint as a starter in your fireplace or a woodstove.

2.  As a cage liner for hamsters and guinea pigs.  They love it because it’s great for building beds and nests.  Just don’t use it near a cage heater or electric lamp.

3.  Mulch.  It’s great for potted plants or outdoor flowerbeds.  It breaks down naturally and enriches the soil.

4.  Nesting material for birds.  It’s that time of year. If you have any trees nearby, birds are probably already raiding your dryer vent for lint.  Might as well collect it and leave it out for them.

5.  Papermaking.  If you’re crafty and make your own paper for crafts or stationery, use dryer lint in the slurry.  Supposedly it adds interesting textures and colors, and is also great in papier maché.

Whatever you do, DON’T use lint for stuffing toys or pillows.  Again, it’s highly flammable and it can cause a fire if you’re not careful with it.


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