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Pet safety tips for the 4th!
Pet safety tips for the 4th!

Big thanks to Laura Clark, Executive Director of the Whatcom Humane Society, for providing  these tips to keep your pet safe on Independence Day! And thanks to all Whatcom Humane Society staff and volunteers who will be working so hard over the next few days to help reunite scared pets with their owners!

The Whatcom Humane Society recommends taking these precautions:

¨  Do not take your pet to large or small fireworks displays.

¨  Keep you pet indoors at home in a quiet area of the house.  Leave a television or radio on while you are away to keep your pet company and mask the sound of fireworks outside.  Leave your pet with his/her favorite toy, a chew bone or other item to keep them occupied.

¨  If you know that your animal becomes seriously distressed by loud noises, consult with your veterinarian BEFORE July 4th for ways to alleviate their fear and anxiety.

¨ Do not leave your pet outside unattended, even in a fenced yard or in a kennel.  Many dogs will dig or jump out of fenced yards or kennels in their attempt to escape the loud noises.

¨  Many cats become victims of cruelty at the hands of people during the holiday.  Make sure your cats are kept safe inside during this stressful and sometimes dangerous time.

¨  Make sure your companion animals are wearing collars and identification tags at all times.  This is your animals best chance at being reunited with you if lost.  If your animal will not wear a collar, consider having them microchipped, a permanent form of identification.

¨  If you plan on going away for the holiday weekend, make sure your pet sitter has emergency numbers where you can be reached, the number of your veterinarian, information on the animal emergency clinic as well as directions to WHS and other area animal shelters in case of a lost or injured animal.

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