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Monday, January 11, 201601/11/2016

How your friends help you save

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

When you’re having trouble setting a budget and sticking with it, call a friend. According to a new study from…

Fast Food

Monday, January 11, 201601/11/2016

The top 10 things that kill your New Year’s diet

How’s your resolution to lose weight and be healthy? If you’re already slipping up, you’re not alone.  A new study…


Friday, January 8, 201601/08/2016

Which do we complain about more: cold days or hot days?

This is what science is working on.

otm tropical vacation

Friday, January 8, 201601/08/2016

How to spend your money & be happy

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

We chatted about this before… spend your money on experiences, not things. But when we all refresh for the New…


Thursday, January 7, 201601/07/2016

WATCH: How to defog your windows in half the time

Here’s something that might help you get going in the morning. A former engineer for NASA recently did a bunch…

otm budget headache

Thursday, January 7, 201601/07/2016

Stop keeping up with the Joneses

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Many people measure success by the size of someone’s home or the fancy cars in the driveway, but that assumption…


Thursday, January 7, 201601/07/2016

WATCH: Kid finds donkeys hilarious

Just for fun.

dog pic

Thursday, January 7, 201601/07/2016

What would you like to be reincarnated as?

Dave wants to come back as a spoiled dog, Mandy says a shark so she can hang out in the…


Thursday, January 7, 201601/07/2016

The first things to do when you win the lottery

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Your chances of winning tonight’s $500 million Powerball jackpot are about 290 million to one. But we’re all about keeping…


Wednesday, January 6, 201601/06/2016

WATCH: Dash-cam video of a car driving off a cliff

This guy’s lucky to be alive!

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Whatcom Humane Society New Location and Hours

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