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Thursday, June 18, 201506/18/2015

Is Facebook bad for your health?

WHY YOU SHOULD QUIT FACEBOOK It Wastes Your Time. It’s estimated that the average casual user (17 minutes per day on…

otm piggy bank

Wednesday, June 17, 201506/17/2015

Be vigilant and save even more!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

A lot of saving money means being vigilant.  Technology has sometimes made us a little complacent when it comes to…

zebra print

Tuesday, June 16, 201506/16/2015

The new fashion faux pas to avoid!

Summer officially starts this weekend…the warmer weather means we stuff away our bulky sweaters and jeans in favor of lighter,…

OTM tax day

Tuesday, June 16, 201506/16/2015

Can you pass my Social Security quiz?

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Ready for a quick quiz on how your Social Security benefits work? You should ace it. After all, Social Security…

tdl wine

Monday, June 15, 201506/15/2015

Socialize earlier and save!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Why is it, when we make plans to go out, it’s always in the evening? As early as I get…

Friday, June 12, 201506/12/2015

Find a cheaper rental car

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Summertime means lots of people going on vacation and maybe trying to find the best rental car for their families…

goof off at work

Friday, June 12, 201506/12/2015

The most ridiculous ways people waste time at work

Career Builder recently asked for the most RIDICULOUS ways people have been caught wasting time at work. Here are the…

OTM wallet money

Thursday, June 11, 201506/11/2015

Watch out for ‘drip pricing.’

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Have you heard of “drip pricing”? It’s when a company advertises only part of a product’s price and waits to…


Thursday, June 11, 201506/11/2015

Projects you should NEVER pay someone else to do

Bill is filling in for Dave for a few days and shared that he bit off way more than he…

office gift 2

Wednesday, June 10, 201506/10/2015

Give the gift of service!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Instead of going out and buying an expensive gift for someone, give the gift of service instead.  For new parents,…

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Annabelle, the baby goat!

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Truffle, the mouse

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Nates contract

Nathaniel’s Guinea Pig Contract

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Whatcom Humane Society Info

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Whatcom Humane Society New Location and Hours

The Whatcom Humane Society is now in its new location! The new WHS location is at 2172 Division Street, Bellingham,…