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Tuesday, December 3, 201312/03/2013

Five simple ways to make your day awesome.

Try these tips for a great day

OTM credit card

Monday, December 2, 201312/02/2013

The best tip for Cyber Monday…

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Millions of Americans will celebrate Cyber Monday by shopping for online deals today. The Monday after Thanksgiving typically marks the…

OTM credit card

Monday, December 2, 201312/02/2013

Tips for a safe Cyber Monday!

It’s Cyber Monday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year! While you’re shopping, you might want to take…

xmas unwrap present

Wednesday, November 27, 201311/27/2013

Nine products to avoid on Black Friday

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

These are nine products you shouldn’t buy on Black Friday. 1. Toys Toys are among the worst buys on Black…

Two legged puppy

Tuesday, November 26, 201311/26/2013

Happy puppy runs on two legs!

He has a doggy wheelchair – but doesn’t need it!

OTM tax day

Friday, November 22, 201311/22/2013

Is your winter heating bill too high?

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Is your winter heating bill too high? Grab an energy tax credit for yourself to offset the cost — before…

OTM credit card

Thursday, November 21, 201311/21/2013

Where to watch your debit card

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Debit card account fraud is on the rise according to financial guru Clark Howard. If your credit card is compromised,…

OTM wallet money

Wednesday, November 20, 201311/20/2013

How to win the lottery…

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Richard Lustig has won seven major lottery jackpots, including one worth a million bucks, and he says it’s more than…

OTM wallet money

Tuesday, November 19, 201311/19/2013

Pay yourself first!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

If you struggle to save money every month, put some aside before you even get your hands on it! Open…

facial hair

Friday, November 15, 201311/15/2013

What does a guy’s facial hair say about him?

It’s November, also known as Movember, when guys grow mustaches to raise awareness for charity.

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Robin, the skinny kitty

Meet Robin, an 8-year-young, male tabby. Robin is a truly affectionate cat who wants to spend his time rubbing against…


Kuma, the plush kitty

She’s SO soft!

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Whatcom Humane Society Info

Link to their web site here.


Whatcom Humane Society New Location and Hours

The Whatcom Humane Society is now in its new location! The new WHS location is at 2172 Division Street, Bellingham,…