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Friday, June 20, 201406/20/2014

How to reboot a bad day in ten minutes or less

Having a bad day? It doesn’t have to STAY bad.

OTM junk mail

Friday, June 20, 201406/20/2014

How to spot a fraud coupon site.

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

In the last couple years, the number of web sites offering coupons and discount codes has more than tripled. But…

otm cleaning

Thursday, June 19, 201406/19/2014

Save on your water bills!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Water bills hitting you hard already and summer isn’t even officially here yet? Reducing the amount of water you use…

OTM kids money

Thursday, June 19, 201406/19/2014

Teach kids about money!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Kids need to understand how to save for their own retirement, manage health care costs and even cope with diminished…


Tuesday, June 17, 201406/17/2014

VIDEO: Black bear stalks joggers

Experts say joggers did everything right.

otm calculator

Tuesday, June 17, 201406/17/2014

How to start your monthly budget.

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Fewer than 6 in 10 Americans, just 58 percent, track their spending against a monthly budget. Getting a handle on…


Tuesday, June 17, 201406/17/2014

We’re all bad at telling when someone is flirting with us

A new study says we miss the signs.


Tuesday, June 17, 201406/17/2014

World Cup: Beware of flopping!

The US team fails at the flop.

OTM wallet money

Monday, June 16, 201406/16/2014

Shop your pantry first!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

When the recession began, women’s magazines were peppered with articles about “shopping your closet,” meaning you should try wearing what…

Chief of Staff

Friday, June 13, 201406/13/2014

KAFE Stars of Christmas winners put on one last show

Chief of Staff, an all men’s 5-part a cappella group from Bellingham High School, won our KAFE Stars of Christmas…

KAFE Kritters


Calista, the petite Tabby

Looking for a mellow, forever home.

WHS Logo_620x400

Whatcom Humane Society Info

Link to their web site here.


Whatcom Humane Society New Location and Hours

The Whatcom Humane Society is now in its new location! The new WHS location is at 2172 Division Street, Bellingham,…