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KAFE Mornings


Jurassic Park

Saturday, April 13, 201304/13/2013

How they made the dinosaur sounds in Jurassic Park

A Jack Russell Terrier and romantic tortoises!?

man and woman

Thursday, April 11, 201304/11/2013

He said WHAT?

He said WHAT? Oh, brother! Most women would agree that men have an unfortunate habit of putting their feet in…


Wednesday, April 10, 201304/10/2013

What’s five times more dangerous than texting and driving?

Hint: We’ve all done it


Thursday, April 4, 201304/04/2013

Pass the Hat – Give so much with so little

Philanthropy. It’s not just for rich people anymore.


Wednesday, April 3, 201304/03/2013

What makes YOU happy?

What one thing could turn your day around?


Tuesday, April 2, 201304/02/2013

What celebrity do you NOT like?

Here’s who bugs KAFE listeners. (George Clooney? Really?)

MBT Blue Mist

Friday, March 29, 201303/29/2013

Is this proof that there are ghosts in the Mt. Baker Theatre?

Paranormal Investigator Captures Spooky Sounds in Historic Bellingham Theatre


Thursday, March 21, 201303/21/2013

Our March Madness brackets

Copy at your own peril.


Monday, March 18, 201303/18/2013

A Free Trip to Mars!

(There’s just one little catch.)


Tuesday, March 12, 201303/12/2013

Show and Tell: Betty’s Camera Collection

Hey! Mandy here.  Figured it was time for more show and tell from my new house.  As you may have…

KAFE Kritters


Kiwi, the affectionate Beagle

She’s a happy and affectionate little girl.


Ozzy, the Austrailian Shepherd

Check out his in-studio video here.


Tink, the tabby lovebug

She loves snuggles.

WHS Logo_620x400

Whatcom Humane Society Info

Link to their web site here.


Whatcom Humane Society New Location and Hours

Including maps to both locations.