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otm shopping

Tuesday, November 25, 201411/25/2014

How stores trick you into spending more!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Just in time for Black Friday shopping…look out for these four ways stores try to trick you into spending more…

shopping bags

Tuesday, November 25, 201411/25/2014

Major stores ranked by their Black Friday discounts

We believe the best shopping often comes from shopping locally. Even when the discounts aren’t as deep, you’re much more…

otm cleaning

Monday, November 24, 201411/24/2014

From ‘honey do’ to ‘honey DONE!’

Holiday chaos is right around the corner: extended family gatherings, meals to prepare, gifts to find and purchase, a whole house…

otm pile of money

Monday, November 24, 201411/24/2014

Feel rich without making more!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Wanna feel rich without making more money? Plugging spending leaks is all about freeing up cash so you have more…

otm computer

Friday, November 21, 201411/21/2014

Cheap products that aren’t cheap!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Finding a cheap product is easy; finding a cheap product that isn’t…well…cheap…on the other hand can take quite a bit…

otm writing list

Thursday, November 20, 201411/20/2014

A key budget ally!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

One of the things to help you stay on track financially and get the most out of your hard earned…

otm computer

Wednesday, November 19, 201411/19/2014

Make sure your product is safe!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Part of getting a good deal is making sure it’s a good product. The federal government launched a website that makes…

otm bag groceries

Tuesday, November 18, 201411/18/2014

The best time to grocery shop!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

They say you shouldn’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach because you end up spending way more…

border collie

Tuesday, November 18, 201411/18/2014

Are these the best and worst breeds of dog?

Is there anything more inflammatory than telling someone their dog is a crappy breed? Be careful what you do with…

otm credit card on phone

Monday, November 17, 201411/17/2014

Protect yourself from a security breach!

In Fabulously Frugal Facts

Seems like every few months we learn of another security breach that puts our finances and personal information in jeopardy. …

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Polly, the Border Collie

Polly is an affectionate, active girl looking for a loving, herding breed experienced home. Polly LOVES to play fetch! If…


Vienna, the pug

who is most definitely NOT named after a sausage.


Hanako, the kitty with the missing paw

It means, “Flower Child” in Japanese.

WHS Logo_620x400

Whatcom Humane Society Info

Link to their web site here.


Whatcom Humane Society New Location and Hours

The Whatcom Humane Society is now in its new location! The new WHS location is at 2172 Division Street, Bellingham,…