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Marry a lazy slob – become a lazy slob
Marry a lazy slob – become a lazy slob

Are you the responsible one in your relationship . . . and the other person is a lazy, unmotivated slob? Well, apparently you won’t be responsible for much longer.

A new study found that when one person in a relationship has low self-control, the other person eventually follows. So, if the person you’re with eats like crap, never cleans, and constantly wastes money, YOU will too. Or you’ll just break up.

In the study, researchers looked at three types of couples. Ones where both people had a high level of self-control, ones where neither did, and couples where only ONE person did.

And they found that when only one person was responsible, the couple was just as bad about eating healthy and saving money as couples where NO ONE was responsible. Because the person who’s responsible is more likely to compromise and change.

But one of the head researchers says it doesn’t HAVE to be a deal breaker. If you’re the responsible one in the relationship, just be more aware of your tendency to give in. And if you’re the lazy slob, try to compromise more.

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