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It’s fun to save with the A-A-R-P!
It’s fun to save with the A-A-R-P!

With age comes some privileges, and chief among them may be getting discounts just for being older. And just how old is “older?” AARP, the country’s largest lobbying group, considers you a senior when you turn 50. But if that insult can be forgiven, then you can expect to be rewarded — with deep and far-reaching discounts on everything from cruises, rental cars, outlet mall shopping, hotel room rates, books, groceries and even meals at Denny’s (and not necessarily that Early Bird Special, either). According to statistics, someone in the U.S. turns 50 every seven seconds, making those over 50 the fastest-growing demographic. And if your seven seconds is quickly approaching, hopefully we’ve given you some reasons to look forward to it.

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Vienna, the pug

who is most definitely NOT named after a sausage.


Hanako, the kitty with the missing paw

It means, “Flower Child” in Japanese.

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