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How we waste billions every year.
How we waste billions every year.

Stop wasting your money and buy generic like the smart kids do. A new study (Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the University of Chicago) found 9 times out of 10, doctors buy generic aspirin over the brand-names and the majority of professional chefs buy generic, store-brand sugar and baking powder over the brand name ingredients. The study found Americans waste $44 billion a year on name brands when store brands cost half the price.

… Example: A bottle of 100-tablet Bayer brand aspirin costs $6.29 on CVS.com. The CVS store brand costs $2.27 ($1.14 on sale!). Same dosage, ingredients and active ingredient. Same product, half the cost. They found the more education a consumer has, the less likely they’ll be duped into the brand-name product.

The average household buys brand name products 26% of the time. Pharmacists buy brands only 9% of the time.

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