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How to reboot a bad day in ten minutes or less
How to reboot a bad day in ten minutes or less

Having a bad day? It doesn’t have to STAY bad.

You can turn things around in less than ten minutes, using these four tips:

1. Move to another location. Just get away from your problems. Go outside for some fresh air. If you’re in a tall building, climb a few flights of stairs. Exercise is relaxing anyway, and you’ll feel better once you get some endorphins going.

2. Give yourself a treat. Have a cup of tea or some chocolate, something you really enjoy. The more you focus on it, the more you shut out all the stuff that’s bugging you.

3. Do a good deed. If you do something nice for someone and you really mean it, it’s basically impossible to keep feeling bad afterwards. You could even find someone else who’s having a bad day, and give them some encouragement.

4. Write it down. For some reason, writing about things that are bothering you can help you let go of them. Just summarize the problem and say something about how you plan to fix it, and you’ll probably end up feeling more optimistic about it.

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