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How they made the dinosaur sounds in Jurassic Park
How they made the dinosaur sounds in Jurassic Park

Gary Rydstom won two Oscars for his sound work on the movie, “Jurassic Park.”

He had to come up with sounds for all the dinosaurs, which isn’t easy since nobody knows what dinosaurs actually sounded like!

So he used other animal noises which he slowed way down.  For example, this sound of a Brachiosaur Bellowing (Click this link to hear) is actually the sound of a donkey braying, slowed down.

Some of the noises that come out of the most ferocious beast of them all, the T-Rex, were actually the sound of Rydstrom’s Jack Russell Terrier!

We tried to speed it back up again to see what the dog sounded like.  This was as close as we could come.

This horrifying T-Rex roar is actually the sound of a baby elephant, slowed down.  Again we tried to speed it back up again to find the baby elephant.

And the craziest one of all?  This sound of the Velociraptors talking to each other is actually the sound of turtles being… um… amorous.

Rydstrom says, quote, “When the velociraptors bark at each other to communicate, it’s a… mating tortoise. I recorded that at Marine World. Tortoises mating can take a long time.  You’ve got to have plenty of time to sit around and watch and record them.”

Other animals Rydstrom used sounds from included horses, geese, owls, donkeys, cows, a baby elephant, swans, baby foxes, rattlesnakes and a male dolphin in heat.

(Photo: WENN)

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