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Financial friend or foe?
Financial friend or foe?

If you wanna save money…stick with like-minded people. Watch out for the 5 types of friends who influence your finances….

1) The “I’ll get it next time” friend: This is the friend who never seems to have any money on him. But don’t worry “he’ll get it next time”. Spoiler alert — he doesn’t get it next time. He doesn’t get it any of the times.

2) The “friend with an account at the Bank of Mom & Dad” friend: This is the friend who has the luxury of turning to Mom and Dad for financial support.

3) The “oh honey, I’ll get it” friend: This is the opposite of the “I’ll get it next time” friend. This is the friend who acts like because you are on a budget, you are a starving orphan. This friend truly means well, it can cause you to spend more so you don’t feel like a charity case.

4) The “perfectly put together in designer duds” friend: DO NOT SHOP WITH THIS FRIEND. It will not end well for your wallet.

5) The “ugh, you’re SOOOO cheap” friend: This is the friend who doesn’t understand why you care about financial freedom and is very opinionated.

Good money management is a lifestyle. If you surround yourself with people who share the same values, you’re more likely to stay on track.


Adapted from the article “5 Friends Who Affect Your Finances.”

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