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Cut 25% from your grocery bill!
Cut 25% from your grocery bill!

Since the recession began, women’s magazines have been peppered with articles about “shopping your closet,” meaning you should try wearing what you already own instead of buying new clothes. Maybe we need to do the same with the kitchen cabinets.  With the exception of items that quickly spoil like milk, take a look through your cabinets and see how many meals or side dishes you already have before heading to the grocery store.  You could save 25 percent on groceries annually simply by shopping your pantry once a month instead of making the weekly food-shopping trip. Given that the average American family of four spends $10,692 on groceries annually, that adds up to a nice chunk of change.

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Roberta cat

Roberta, the grumpy cat

A 7-year-old, female, black and brown Domestic Short Hair Tabby.


Jane, the Jack Russell mix

Ready for her new forever home.

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Sally the tabby

Sally is a very sweet girl looking for her forever home. She enjoys snuggling into small spaces and would absolutely…


Bugsy Bunny

A sweet, super-soft, red and brown Lop Ear rabbit.

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