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Avoid 57 years of debt!
Avoid 57 years of debt!

This is a little scary….the average low to middle income family in the U.S. has nearly $10,000 in credit card debt. If you make only the minimum payment on a card with an 18 percent interest rate, which many of them have, it will take more than 57 years to pay it off and you’ll over twice that amount in interest! That should serve as enough incentive to not use a credit card at all, or at the very least, don’t charge more than you can afford to pay off every month.

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Kiwi, the affectionate Beagle

She’s a happy and affectionate little girl.


Ozzy, the Austrailian Shepherd

Check out his in-studio video here.


Tink, the tabby lovebug

She loves snuggles.

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Whatcom Humane Society Info

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Whatcom Humane Society New Location and Hours

Including maps to both locations.