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Are you a lawn law-breaker?
Are you a lawn law-breaker?

As spring hits the northwest and the weather gets a bit warmer, you may notice more activity in your neighborhood. People out and about, sprucing up lawns, pruning trees, planting gardens.  But there’s always that house.  The one with the grass as high as the windows with who-knows-what buried underneath.  You know the one, right? (If not, it could be YOU!)

Well, it turns out that some of those ‘treasures’ in the front yard could mean you have a law-breaker living right next door! We found a list of common things that are BANNED from front lawns in tons of cities, towns, and neighborhoods around the country:

Vegetable gardens: Your city might think vegetables belong in the backyard. Although we can’t see them banning flower gardens from the front yard.

Clotheslines: Your sun-dried underwear is probably hurting property values.

Garden gnomes: Gnomes get called out, but a lot of ridiculous lawn statues can get you in trouble. Remember that the next time you’re tempted to buy one from SkyMall.

Couches: Other than a Trans Am up on blocks, there’s no better sign of a hillbilly neighborhood like an old couch on the front lawn.

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