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8 Ways to Outsmart a Salesperson
8 Ways to Outsmart a Salesperson

I was shopping last weekend and had a little run in with a sales person and I got “The Face.” I’m sure you’ve experienced it too. “The Face’ happens when you’re talking with a salesperson about a product and they ask what you’re currently using…then, here it comes, The Face. The all-of-a-sudden-something-in-the-room-stinks-and-they’re-so-taken-aback look.  The look that says ‘you mean, you’re still using that? And by putting on the stinky face, they try to make you feel like no one ever uses that anymore. They want you to spend money to stay current. Well, of course, that’s a sales tactic.

Sales people have many tactics they’re gonna pull out to try to make a sale.  Well, being fabulously frugal, I try to be on guard and spot those a mile away.  It’s not that I don’t buy anything, because I do…I just try to be savy and not spend more than I intend. To help you combat stuff like “The Face” and other sales tactics, I found 8 Ways to Outsmart a Salesperson.

1. Don’t fall for “the face.” Don’t let a salesperson ask you what you’re currently using, and then react with surprise or disapproval. Salespeople will try to make you think you’re doing it wrong, and then you’ll be ready to buy whatever they suggest.

2. Don’t buy the accessories if you don’t need them. Sometimes they’ll lower prics on the big stuff like computers and TVs, just to you in the door. Then they make the real money on all the cables and peripherals. So buy what you came for and leave the rest behind.

3. Read the fine print and understand it. Especially for things like cars, the deal only looks good UNTIL you go through the fine print. But a lot of people don’t do that until after they’ve made the deal.

4. Put your ego away. Don’t go in overconfident, because they’ve done their research. Smart salespeople will use that against you. They’ll say things like, “Obviously you know what you’re talking about, so let’s cut to the chase.”

5. Recognize a lie when you hear it. When they tell you a price is only available TODAY, it may be a stretch. If they can give it to you for that price today, they can probably do it tomorrow too.

6. Never leave and then come back. You might think you’re giving a salesperson time to soften up. But really you’re just showing them that you’ve already decided you’re going to buy it.

If you come back on your own, they’ll come at you even harder.

7. There’s probably not a minimum purchase. Sometimes you’ll get offered a makeover at the cosmetics counter, but they’ll tell you there’s a minimum purchase. They could easily be lying, and expecting that no one will call them on it.

8. You’re allowed to mix up different brands of makeup. Every cosmetics company tries to tell you that you have to use all their products together. They just do that to make you throw away your old stuff and buy their entire line.


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